Grow in Understanding

Grow in Understanding

Grow in UnderstandingGrow in Understanding

What We Do


CCIU brings together representatives of several different religions in a moderated panel discussion about their faiths. This lively and candid question-and-answer forum is designed to allow audience members to ask panelists a whole range of questions from the very simple to the provocative and challenging.


Hear Connecticut Muslims share their stories. CCIU, together with the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut and Hartford Seminary, has led a five-year effort to increase understanding, lower tension, and combat Islamophobia with events called “Honest Conversations with Muslim Neighbors." American Muslims don’t have all the answers, but our guests respond from their own experiences, raising issues that concern them as well as all of us. Together, in conversation, we can promote a more peaceful world for everyone.  


Presented in collaboration with the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Connecticut Council for Interreligious Understanding, and Hartford Seminary. Three films that inspire interfaith discussions. Guest speakers lead post-movie discussions. Please check Calendar section of website for updates on cancellations due to pandemic-related closures. Thank you for your patience and please be safe and well. 


Join CCIU members as we get an inside look at the faiths of our neighbors. These organized visits to churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, gurdwaras, and houses of worship offer a first-hand experience of religious worship services and gatherings. 


A multi-faith lunch time conversation where people from all religious traditions come and talk to each other about their faith and the various perspectives within their religions. 

Bring CCIU to Your Community

Our experience is that people have many questions on their minds and in their hearts about religions that are not their own. We also know that many people do not have anyone or anywhere they feel comfortable asking those questions. We create safe spaces where people can talk openly with each other. And you can help us provide those places by hosting a CCIU forum, free of charge.

You can get your organization, local library, or your own worship setting to be a host for one of our forums, either our new: “To Love your Neighbor, Know your Neighbor” or our longstanding “Honest Conversations with Muslim Neighbors.” 

Talk with the leaders of your congregation, or your library, or your community organization to let them know that CCIU can produce a forum in their venue. Have them get in touch with us with a call to our office (860) 566-9556 or an email at We will follow up promptly.

Together, we can increase understanding, respect, and acceptance, because people will get to share their stories openly with one another! It is something you can do now in our polarized world.